Sports betting odds

Leaving aside the analytics along with betting strategy and pot allocation, only the odds remain. The betting system is built around them. It is quotes in betting lines that are the most important factor. It means not only the favorite of sports, but also a preliminary win when betting in bookmakers.

The odds in the betting line are the probability of a certain outcome of a sporting event, expressed in numerical terms.

It is calculated by experienced analysts. They take into account many important criteria, studying statistics, the latest news from the headquarters of the participants, analyzing the form of teams / athletes on the eve of a future competition. A feature of the coefficients in bookmakers is the fact of recording in the line. Quotes are put down in proportion to the probability in reverse order: the higher the chances of winning one of the participants, the lower the coefficient of this outcome.

Varieties of odds in the lines of bookmakers

For sure, for many bettors of the younger generation it will be news that there are several types of odds. For players from Eastern European countries, standard quotes are familiar. Among professionals they are called “European”. In addition to them, there are also coefficients:

In addition to these types, there are Hong Kong, Indonesian and Malaysian odds in the world of betting. But they are used exclusively in certain Asian countries. Even experienced European players rarely meet them. Therefore, the main attention should be paid to the first three types.
Odds are a numerical representation of the chances for the final outcome of events, which are set according to analysts’ opinions, taking into account the bookmaker’s margin. To calculate the probability of an outcome, which is laid down in bookmaker quotes, it is enough to divide 100% by the presented quotes. For example, if an event has a coefficient of 4.0, bookmakers give only 25% of the probability of this outcome. At the same time, players should take into account the margin, which is the main source of income for bookmakers.

bet odds

Experienced analysts study customer statistics, which allows you to determine what outcomes a large number of bets will go to. As soon as the competition appears in the line, employees carefully monitor the forecast streams in order to respond in time if there are a large number of bets on one of the outcomes. In such cases, the odds begin to sag, which is a kind of bookmaker insurance that allows you to minimize possible financial losses.

Quotes are instantly adjusted as soon as important information appears on the eve of events that directly affect their participants. If for a certain period of time 1-2 players of the main team of a football club are injured, this can significantly affect the outcome. The analysis section of each bookmaker reacts swiftly to evenly place the odds that will allow you to make a profit in any case.

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